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"Absolutely the best law firm in the Inland Empire! I highly recommend Sanford Kassel because of his outstanding service and commitment to meeting his client’s needs. He and his team are proven winners and they will fight for you."

--Matt Brown--


“I won my case because of my great attorney Gavin Kassel. Smart, intelligent, persistent and analytical. Him and his father who's an attorney here as well. They both took on my case and we had a great outcome! I highly recommend these two. It was a pleasure to be represented by them! My case was fast and was resolved quickly. You will also get a great staff here too. I thank them for putting up with me and for doing such great work! If you think you have a case call these two up! You will not be disappointed!”

-–Carina Sanchez--


"Five Stars!"  

-–Lily Alamina--


"Gavin Kassel of the Sanford A. Kassel group, is a great attorney. He examined my situation very carefully and helped me understand the legal parameters of the case from numerous angles. He was always thorough, thoughtful and considerate. I could not be happier with the help he provided!"  

-–Jim Ponder--


"Working with Mr. Kassel could not have gone better when I was looking for legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation (gender discrimination and sexual harassment).  Gavin Kassel had the experience and expertise I needed; I found him to be responsive, honest and extremely knowledgeable in the area of labor law.  While working with Gavin, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, he promptly took the needed action to get my company to respond.  In the end, my employer settled much more quickly and for more money than I thought possible.  I highly recommend this firm and would use them again."  

-–Jeff Richardson--


“I  interviewed several attorneys when I was dealing with an employment law situation that I needed resolved. After meeting with Gavin and Sandy, I knew they were the right law firm for the job. I'm extremely happy with the outcome of my case! They are honest, professional, hard-working, always kept me updated on what was happening, easy to talk to, and very tough litigators. I highly recommend their office.”

-–Anne Michell--


“Sandy has been my most trusted legal resource for over 10 years now. He seems to literally know everything about the law.” 

-–Sam Levin--


"Gavin Kassel is a great attorney... Did work hard for me... Always answered my concerns and he is very focused. I highly recommend him. The important part... he is always accessible.”

-–Rajaa Ahmadie--


“They handled my case perfectly. They were respectful and willing to work with me on everything that I was going through.” 

-–Mark Stratton--


“Great service. Found this law firm online and it ended up being well worth it. The staff was very courteous and knowledgeable and the attorney that helped me solidified the firm's long standing reputation of good case work... thanks again” 

-–Quisontro Anderson--


“Such amazing people. I had a great outcome thanks to Gavin handling. He was able to advise me on the best way to handle so my job was protected until everything was resolved. I was able to get ahold of him quickly when had any questions and he was patient with me even though I was a little rattled with my work situation. Extremely grateful. :)” 

-–Selina Kerr--


“My experience working with Sanford A. Kassel's Law Firm was exactly what I expected. Professional, Experienced, Winners. Sanford and Gavin Kassel reviewed my case, provided their advice, structured a plan that would deliver a good success. I was blessed to find Gavin and Sanford Kassel at a challenging time and they did not let me down.”

-–Carole Moss--


“We did a dumb thing and let a young uninsured driver drive our car and our insurance policy prohibited minor drivers. Sure enough, she got in an accident. We were on the hook. Sanford (Sandy) Kassel negotiated a terrific deal for us and really minimized our exposure. He exceeded our expectations. He is local in San Bernardino and did a great lawyering job. The next time we do something stupid we'll feel good Sandy is on our team. We recommend him to everyone.” 

-–Melinda D--


“Sanford Kassel was the best experience I could of ever asked for. The entire staff was prompt with responses. Mr Kassel listened to every detail. Very Knowledgeable. Patient. And We WON !!! Thanks Sanford and Staff. Two big thumbs up…….” 

–-Michael G--


“Sanford Kassel did a perfect job for me on a client legal matter. As a matter of fact, this is the first review that I have ever done because I was so satisfied with Sanford. He was very competent, timely, and creative. As a long time CPA in the Inland Empire, I look forward to recommending him to my clients in the future.”

–-Gary Fenster--


“Very happy with the result I got. The attorneys and office staff were professional and helpful. Thank you”

–-Kyle Boose--


“Very competent and very responsive attorneys. I've dealt with many law firms and this law office is the best!!! Josh”  

–-Josh East--


“Very happy with the result I got. The attorneys and office staff were professional and helpful. Thank you!“

-–Rachelle S--


”Extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I would recommend a consultation with Sanford A. Kassel Professional Law Corporation."  

--Richard Filanc--


“I have known and have worked with Sanford (Sandy) Kassel for over twenty years. I find him to be an honorable and sincere man. I recommend him whenever I have the opportunity to do so. He is an asset to our community. Sincerely, Rick“

–-Rick Goodin--


“Sanford A. Kassel did a great job on helping me get through my injury and the damaged that i caused. The office was always very personable and were ready to help me whenever I called or needed to take care of paperwork. Everyone was extremely helpful. Thank you again for helping me”  

–-Michael Real--


“My experience working with Sandy has been totally positive... professional, on time, detailed communications and specific action steps leading to results.“

--todd clark--


“One of the best attorneys in the business! And he’s not a half bad fisherman either...;-)”

–-Dave Guthmiller--


“The Kassel law firm has been invaluable in the service they have provided me and my family over the years. Should you be in need of a competent professional attorney I think you'll find Sanford Kassel to be all of that and more.“

--Jon Shulz--


"I engaged the Kassel Law Firm to represent me in a wrongful termination suit against the State of California where the merits of the case were adjudicated before the superior and appeals courts. Mr. Kassel won the case and a 1.5 million $ jury award/judgment."

–-Jack Woods--


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"If it is the Kassel family taking care of you, you are in good hands! No question!

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--James Michael Cook--


SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation - Facebook Client Reviews

--Nicole Daniels--


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SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation - Facebook Client Reviews

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SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation - Facebook Client Reviews

--Rachel Lang--


SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation - Facebook Client Reviews

--Jim Young-- 

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